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A Retreat with Lori Maher at Limina Renewal Center, Searsport, ME


Elevated State of Grace

I am thrilled to announce that I will be leading a weekend retreat at a new retreat center in Maine in one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen. I have been searching for a couple of years now, and I finally found the spot to gather and guide a group of beautiful  souls.

Imagine driving up the coast of Maine with the gorgeous water views and arriving at a location set on over 15 acres on Penobscot Bay with a view of the ocean as far as the eye can see. The inside of the center is just as beautiful, meticulously maintained with an elegant interior design. Limina Renewal Center in Searsport, Maine offers all of this and more.

Searsport, in MidCoast Maine, is a charming town which was the hub of seafaring history, with miles of shoreline with abundant wildlife. The Limina Center is located on indigenous land of the Penobscot people. There are walking trails and plenty of shoreline to explore and enjoy anytime during your stay.

When we take time away from our daily pressures and distractions, we can allow ourselves the time and space, for deep healing through a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. We will connect with other like-minded souls, to our inner selves,  and Source. We will connect to our light that is within us and all around us.

This retreat is for those looking to deepen their connection with the Self, become more aware of sensations and emotions held in the body, and to heal on a deep level. This is a retreat where you will learn about the causes of imbalance or unease in the body, where you may be stuck, and how to find inner peace among the muddy waters. We will explore our physical, energetic, and emotional bodies through movement (yoga, breathwork, and meditation). We will discuss healing, and some self-care tools to help you learn to live a healthy life you love to live!

Retreat Dates: September 20th - September 23rd. Friday to Monday. Check in at 3pm Friday, and Check out after Lunch on Monday. Prices include accommodations, eight meals plus snacks, and full program.


What to Expect

What I hope you will gain from this retreat:

-A greater awareness of sensations in your body

-A greater understanding of what you are holding in your body, and tools to use to release stuck patterns and emotions

-A greater understanding of the stories we tell ourselves

-A deeper connection to Self, nature, and others

-A better understanding of energy and light work

-Self Care tools to use every day

-A sense of peace through healing to bring back to your daily life

Your Retreat will include your accommodations, three meals per day prepared by the Lumina Center Chef, and snacks, as well as your workshops and classes.

Through daily morning yoga practice, Lori will guide you in moving your body and energy for healing. This will be a gentle Hatha practice. Each evening Restorative yoga will be offered to bring you into a deep state of relaxation with guided meditation. You will be guided to find a deep level of relaxation to allow for a balancing of the nervous system and deep healing.

Lori will be leading workshops including : Eastern Medicine and Energy, Trauma Healing, and Self Care Toolkit.

In addition to experiencing a safe place to heal with likeminded souls, you will also be able to enjoy alone time walking in the woods, journaling, reading, taking a nap, sitting by the campfire, or walking the outdoor labyrinth. There is also a Fitness room, a Chapel for quiet reflection, and Art/Music room. There is also a massage therapist you can book through Limina at an additional fee with advanced notice. You will have the option of using a BioMat any time you would like, which offers RedLight Therapy and heated crystals. There is also a sauna available to all guests.

In this retreat you can expect:

-Allocated time for quiet and reflection

-Mindful walking in outdoor labyrinth

-Morning Yoga Practice

-Evening Restorative Yoga Practice with Guided Meditation/Sound

-Workshops including Chinese Medicine and Energy, Trauma Healing, Self-Care Daily Tools


-Amethyst Biomat for cellular healing

-Tea by the campfire

-All meals and snacks included, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options

- Massage, Fitness Room


Prices are based on room selection and are per person. Options include Ocean View or Meadow/Garden View, Single or Double Occupancy, Shared or Private Bath.

Lupine Room: 1 King First Floor Garden/Partial Ocean View.

Single Occupancy: BOOKED/Not Available

Harbor Room: 2 Queens First Floor Ocean View= BOOKED/Not Available

(Harbor and Lupine share two bathrooms)

Spruce Room: 1 Queen Bed Ocean View: Single Occupancy: BOOKED/Not Available

Maple Room: 1 Queen Bed Ocean View: Single Occupancy: BOOKED/Not Available

Bay Room: 2 Queen Beds Ocean View : Double Occupancy  BOOKED/Not Available

(Spruce, Maple, Bay share two bathrooms)

Skye Room: 1 King bed and ensuite Bath Ocean View:  Single Occupancy: BOOKED/Not Available

Rainbow Room: 1 Queen Bed with Garden View: Single Occupancy: BOOKED/Not Available

Eagle Room: 1 Full bed with Garden View: Single Occupancy: BOOKED/Not Available

(Eagle Room and Rainbow room share a bathroom)

Our onsite rooms are sold out. Please contact Lori to discuss offsite options for accommodations. I can still include you in the program. Call me at 508-298-5486. Thank you!!

*Non-refundable 25% deposit required with enrollment. Final payment due July 1st. No refunds/cancellations past 7/1/24. (Unless I can fill your spot). 

Photos of Limina

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