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Trauma Recovery Coaching


Your Healing Path starts here

Hello. I am so happy you landed here on my website. If you landed here, you are most likely looking for help. Assistance with your emotions, how you relate and respond to people, how to make relationships better, how to take better care of yourself... and maybe you aren't sure where to start? What most of us don't know, are the many aftereffects of trauma.... from psychological, to biological, to relational, to emotional. When you start learning about the effects, your life will start to make so much more sense! PsychoEducation is a major part of healing. Unfortunately, many don't speak of trauma. Let's normalize this. To start, what you are feeling and going through is normal. It is a normal reaction to an abnormal event/situation. I have found this psychoeducation, paired with coaching and attunement, is a magical way to build a sense of safety and connection which is needed for healing. 

I hope you will work with me to learn more about yourself, and how to heal yourself from what has been housed in your body, mind and spirit for too long. 

See below a few examples of topics to be covered in the program:

This is a 6 month course, every other week, for 90 minutes. You have the option of adding on bodywork/energy work. I am a true believer that we must release energy stored in the body as well as work through sharing and processing information.

If this resonates with you, book a consult today to learn more! I look forward to meeting you.

Let’s Work Together

119 North Main Street

Tel: 508-298-5486

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